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Watching a loved one struggle with addiction can be frustrating, concerning, painful, and more. Addiction changes a person, and watching someone you care for go through these changes can be difficult to watch. While from the outside, loved ones may observe changes in an individual suffering from addiction, the person who is addicted may not recognize them. They may not perceive their condition as problematic or understand the extent to which it is affecting those around them. If this is the case, the person may benefit from a drug intervention in Bowling Green.

What is an Intervention?

An intervention is a meeting with an individual who struggles with substance abuse as a means to get the person to seek our inpatient rehab in Bowling Green. Sometimes an intervention is held after a person has been encouraged repeatedly to seek treatment yet refuses to do so while other times an intervention is the first discussion friends or family members have had with the person. While movies and television shows may sensationalize and dramatize a drug intervention, these dramatic spectacles are often far removed from how an actual intervention occurs. With the right planning and expert advice, a person's loved ones can plan an intervention that reflects how concerned they are for the individual and the importance of seeking medical help.

Many people turn to scheduling a drug intervention in Bowling Green after repeatedly asking a person to get help. Often, a person struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction may experience such severe cravings they are afraid or uncertain how they will live life without doing drugs. Because an intervention often involves having a drug intervention program on-call that is ready to accept the person, an intervention can help.

How to Stage an Intervention

An intervention requires careful planning and incorporating friends and family members who are committed to the person's success. Staging an intervention begins with making a plan. Often, the leader or leaders of the family will contact a drug intervention program to make contact with an intervention specialist who may assist in the intervention planning. If the group is not using an intervention specialist, they will often start researching drug intervention programs as potential places where their loved one can seek help.

After this information is gathered, the group will determine who will participate in the actual intervention and plan key details, such as when and where the intervention will be held. Most commonly, a drug intervention is held in the morning because this is the time when a person is usually the most sober.

The intervention team should agree on what will be said during the meeting and who will speak. Most often, a person will give instances of how the other's drug addiction has impacted them or their loved ones. Examples could include "My daughter was devastated when you didn't show up to her recital because you were too high to come." Often, a person will not evaluate the cumulative effects of their behavior. When faced with several instances of how their behavior has affected others, they may be more willing to seek help.

An important part of a drug intervention in Bowling Green should be determining consequences if a person refuses to get treatment for their problem. Sometimes this can be asking a person to move out, cutting off financial support, or even changing custody of a child for fear of the child's safety. Those who are organizing the intervention must be prepared to enforce the consequences or they will not hold weight with the person who is the subject of the intervention.

The final steps are to hold the drug intervention and to keep following up with the person in the hopes they will seek addiction treatment therapy in Bowling Green for their addiction.

Who Should Be Involved in an Intervention?

Often, there are several people who would like to be involved in the intervention, but this does not mean they have the right temperament to be present for the drug intervention for addiction. Those who take part should be rational and calm in tense situations. Those who are quick-tempered are not well-suited for an intervention. The participants must be well-respected by the individual in question. While explaining that a person may not have the right personality to participate in a drug intervention in Bowling Green, if the person truly has the loved one's best interests at heart, they will understand.

The goal of a drug intervention is to see that a person receives the help they need. Through a carefully planned meeting and encouragement and consequences faced from family members, a person will ideally see and understand the need to seek medical help at a drug intervention center. Call us now at (877) 804-1531.

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