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Opiate medications are strong narcotics that are commonly prescribed to help relieve pain, and can also be used in procedures requiring anesthesia. In addition to sufficiently blocking pain, opiates also offer a euphoric feeling and feelings of well-being to the user. There are several categories of this medication, including natural opiates made directly from opium (morphine), synthetic versions such as Methadone and Demerol, and semi-synthetics, such as heroin. Because all of these medications have a high potential for abuse, opiate addiction is now running rampant in America. Today, the opiate category of medication is the most often abused prescription drug, making the need for opiate addiction treatment centers crucial.

At Bowling Green inpatient addiction treatment center, we help men and women break free from opiate addiction and abuse. We work closely with each patient, learning how his or her painkiller addiction began. Opiate addiction treatment at our rehab begins with a comprehensive physical and psychological evaluation so we have a better understanding of each patient's specific needs. Once the evaluation is complete, it will be time to undergo the first phase of our Bowling Green opiate treatment, which is a medical detox.

While detox is a unique experience for each person, opiate detox can typically last about a week. Depending on the type of opiate you were taking, how long you were using the drug, and in which amounts will all have an effect of the type and severity of withdrawal effects. The peak of withdrawal symptoms typically occurs between 48 and 72 hours of your last dose, and symptoms may include vomiting, intense cravings, feeling nauseous, anxiety, etc. Because withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe and even cause life-threatening effects in some cases, it is crucial to never try detoxing from an opiate on your own. Our Bowling Green opiate treatment detox program offers you a safe and comfortable place to withdraw from the drugs. In addition, you will be surrounded by caring, experienced medical professionals that will be there each step of the way. If necessary, medications can be administered to help combat opiate withdrawal symptoms and make you more comfortable.

What Happens After Opiate Detox?

Once you successfully complete the detox phase, it will be time to enter into the rehabilitation portion of your opiate addiction treatment. Our physicians, counselors and therapists will tailor a specific therapy program to your specific needs. Daily therapy may include a combination of group, one-on-one, cognitive behavior, family and alternative/holistic therapy.

Group therapy gives you a chance to connect with others who are experiencing a similar journey as you. You can discuss your hopes, struggles and fears with one another and be there to support each other. One-on-one therapy is a crucial part of rehab, and allows you the opportunity to determine why you started abusing opiates in the first place. You can also examine negative emotions, past hurts and unresolved issues.

Cognitive therapy is considered a practical approach to solving a problem. This type of therapy can help you change your thinking patterns or behaviors in order to move past addiction. Family therapy, though not required but may be suggested, can help mend broken family relationships that may have been strained because of addiction. Last, holistic therapies typically include art/music/nature/equine therapy, or could focus on diet, nutrition, exercise, yoga, and other ways to support the physical body while healing.

Therapies will be personalized to your needs while completing inpatient rehab. In addition to daily therapy programs, you can expect to learn more about after care services and relapse prevention techniques that can help once you are finished with rehab.

Bowling Green inpatient addiction treatment programs are just a phone call away. We have worked with countless patients who have struggled with opiate addiction to start their life over again and begin fresh. If you are in need of opiate addiction treatment, consider speaking to one of our team members to learn which of our programs may best suit you.

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